About the session

In your home:
A well-lit corner of your home, the nursery, balcony, or even the kitchen.. our homes are about us, and certainly do add a lot more to the pictures. We can easily include things which are important to you.

On location:
I am happy to go with any one of the incredible locations in and around Hong Kong. Happy hilltops, calm beaches, parks, or even the seemingly bustling lanes of the city. Suggest your favourite spot, or I could suggest some to you.

In studio:
For newborn and maternity shoots, if you do prefer a studio portrait session, then you are welcome to  my home where I create a temporary studio setup for the purpose of the shoot. I live in the wanchai precinct of mid-levels, and you are welcome to book a session here.

During the session, you may choose to do an activity together (dancing, singing, video games, or even football!). Your photographer(me!!) will usually take up a photojournalistic approach – quietly witnessing and capturing the moments. For slightly more formal portraits, I can suggest some poses to start with.. and then will wait for you to take over, and make it your moment.

With kids (and with you too), I like spending the first few minutes interacting..getting to know them (and you) better. My educated guess is that no one is comfortable when a stranger points a canon (pun intended) at them!

Don’t ask your kids to smile (or even look) at my camera. Kids are nature’s most beautiful creations, and are most beautiful when they are natural and themselves. Let’s capture them that way. I assure you that you will like the candid pictures much more.

For those few moments, make me your friend, or just completely ignore my presence. The more you and your family interact, the more your emotions and bonds will surface.

Real smiles. Real Moments. Perfect recipe for some precious images.

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